With our primary offices in Houston, Texas, USA, WeldSonix provides automated ultrasonic technologies to onshore and offshore clients worldwide.

WeldSonix designs and operates ultrasonic arrays for the inspection of pipeline girth welds on complex domestic and international projects. WeldSonix works closely with our clients to define the optimal project team with the goal of maximizing NDT performance within the defined project budget.


In testimony to the global nature of its’ business, WeldSonix has inspected pipelines recently in Algeria, Turkey, Egypt, India, Brazil, Angola, Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United States in mainline, S-lay, J-lay, road bore, double joint, tie-in, and push-pull configurations.

WeldSonix has performed and managed entire NDT work scopes on large-scale projects throughout the world. These solution models have delivered exceptional value to our client through the unification of the field operations and project management structures.

With experience in steel Catenary riser (SCR) inspections, pipe-to-forging inspection, austenitic parent materials, and complex geometries, WeldSonix is a proven single source provider of ultrasonic inspection solutions.





To be recognized by our clients, peers, and employees as a provider of proven services and sound technical operations.

Since the beginning, the goal of WeldSonix has been to set the standard of excellence for the entire industry. This standard is made possible through proven experience in the art and science of ultrasonics, a willingness to innovate, and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction


WeldSonix operates a fully compliant Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with ASTM E 1212 “Practice for Establishment and Maintenance of Quality Control Systems for Nondestructive Testing Agencies.”




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